Archagathus / Terror Firmer Split 10″

CO-RELEASED WITH: Ratto Records ‎– RP13, PoGohai Records ‎– PR019, Grindfather Productions ‎– GF136, Soondoongi Records ‎– SDI012, Grind Your Mind Records ‎– GYM#024, Extreme Terror Production ‎– GF136, Dead rasputin prod. ‎– GF136, Repulsive Medias ‎– REPULSIVE MEDIAS #02, Goodbye Mankind ‎– GF136, Nuclear Alcoholocaust ‎– NA109, GxExTx Syro ‎– GF136, ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni ‎– GF136, Hecatombe Records ‎– HEC 089
PRESSING INFOS: 500 copies pressed – 400 black vinyl and 100 coloured pink vinyl.
BAND(S) INFOS: Archagathus is a Mincecore band from Winnipeg, Canada. Formed in 2005 and still active.
Terror Firmer is an old school Grindcore band from Modena/Bologna, Italy. Formed in 2008 and still active.
AVAILABILITY:Both editions available: Black vinylColoured vinyl

A1 –Archagathus: Succesful Musician
A2 –Archagathus: Future: Why?
A3 –Archagathus: Hair Farmer
A4 –Archagathus: Brain Abolishment
A5 –Archagathus: Solution Opposition
A6 –Archagathus: No Option, War Option
A7 –Archagathus: Melted Minds
A8 –Archagathus: Insanity Declaration
A9 –Archagathus: Vomit In The Garbage
A10 –Archagathus: Horror Disorder
A11 –Archagathus: Sad System
B1 –Terror Firmer: Extreme Music For Extremely Retarded People
B2 –Terror Firmer: Paranoid Thoughts
B3 –Terror Firmer: Kill The Hipsters
B4 –Terror Firmer: Black Breath (Repulsion Cover)
B5 –Terror Firmer: Agonizing Sick World

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