V/A – “Blastbeats Over Italy”



Record Condition: New
Bad Feeling Records
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Album
Country: Italy
Released: 16 May 2016

1 –CxIxB Love my life pt.1
2 –CxIxB The biggest nuthouse
3 –CxIxB Love my life pt.2
4 –Always Never Fun Social network addicted
5 –Always Never Fun All down
6 –Always Never Fun Cheap talk
7 –Always Never Fun When will we learn?
8 –xDeloreanx Plutonium
9 –xDeloreanx Have you seen Flea in Back To The Future? Yes I did!
10 –xDeloreanx Pepsi free
11 –xDeloreanx Stefanino follow us
12 –xDeloreanx QxCxLxBx
13 –xDeloreanx PxSxLx
14 –Corpse 1978
15 –Corpse Metropoli
16 –Corpse Perfette prigioni
17 –Corpse You’re wrong
18 –Fracture Numbers
19 –Fracture Harder to break
20 –Fracture Support your local policemen
21 –Fracture New kids
22 –Burst Up Abstract furies
23 –Burst Up Bud Spencer
24 –Burst Up Let’s destroy us
25 –Burst Up Total fraud
26 –xKATExMOSHx Better burnt
27 –xKATExMOSHx Your life sucks and so you break my balls
28 –xKATExMOSHx Just an observer
29 –xKATExMOSHx Faith of fools
30 –xKATExMOSHx Charged monkey
31 –Double Me Becoming deaf
32 –Double Me Justifying ignorance
33 –Double Me Jules Bonnot tried to rise
34 –Stanley Ipkiss I (am bounded to) love livin’ in the city
35 –Stanley Ipkiss True metalheads deny punk hardcore
36 –Stanley Ipkiss A psych-folk band steal Man Is The Bastard logo
37 –Stanley Ipkiss Trash Talk are Rolling Stone’s favourite powerviolence band
38 –Stanley Ipkiss Forced extremism
39 –Extreme Vandamme Terrror Pound of flesh
40 –Extreme Vandamme Terrror Senza tregua
41 –Repulsione Maggio rosso sangue
42 –Repulsione Vomero spirituale
43 –Humbaba Come quando…
44 –Humbaba Ammazzare il tempo
45 –Humbaba No title
46 –xHanSolox Pressure of void
47 –xHanSolox – Sycophantic informer
48 –xHanSolox The Pit of Sarlacc
49 –xHanSolox Tortured


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